Chill Out

That’s a joke right? The Ebola virus is all the rage in the news these days simply because it is Rare and Exotic and let’s be real a NURSE got a blood transfusion from someone who has HAD EBOLA. You think there would be a more thorough screening process when dealing with transferring blood from one person to another, but whatever, lesson learned. Along with being the second most common buzz word behind ISIS right now, Ebola is also GMO (something we don’t understand), Ebola is NOT ISIS (something actively pursuing us), and Ebola is not responsible for the Stock Market doing poorly(not something that will affect majority of Americans). Simply put, Ebola is this years buzz disease, and it has a terrific buzz name that can be easily thrown around. There are many other viruses and diseases that we as Americans are much more susceptible to at this time. For example, a certain strain of an enterovirus (in the same category as foot & mouth disease) known as Enterovirus-68 has given nearly ten people paralysis and polio like symptoms (polio being one of the few eradicated diseases) in 2014 alone, and acting incredibly quickly leaving multiple victims dead in a matter of days. But here’s the catch, enterovirus-68 is hard to say, and did not come from a cool taboo place like Africa. We as Americans hear Africa and Disease and think that we are totally fucked. The medical state of where Ebola is coming from is very poor according to the WHO (World Health Organization) which should be your only source of disease-related news. Ebola is not a feasible mainstream threat in the United States given our superior sanitation standards. Moral of the story: Chill out.

and here’s a link to the World Health Organization website so you can read a site that does not have viewer ratings.

Stay Wise, from all of us here at Wise News.