Bono Is Tired Of Being Cool, Claims He Has Glaucoma

Well after 20+ years of Bono being the coolest guy around, Bono has decided he no longer enjoys being cool. When you are granted a pass by everyone in the world to wear sunglasses to every event, you don’t get self-conscious about that and make up that you have Glaucoma. No, you take that green-light and wear sunglasses into every freaking dimly lit shanty you feel like visiting. Here are some cases of Bono crushing the “sunglasses where you don’t need them” game.







Crushing The Tints On Bill Maher

Crushing The Tints On Bill Maher

What do you think? Is Bono just flexing and fulfilling the role of philanthropist who has always been humble, or is this Bono’s darkest secret that he can not keep to himself anymore. Either way, we’ve all accepted the sunglasses at this point, bro, saying something now is friv.

Stay Wise, from all of us here at Wise News.




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