A Tribute to One of Best Sitcoms of The 1990’s, “Home Improvement”

The television sitcom “Home Improvement” was one of the more overlooked shows of a generation. As a kid, to put it squarely, this was my shit. The dynamic between Tim “The Tool man” Taylor and his sidekick Al “Dare to Be Dull” Borland, was one of the more well illustrated relationships I have ever witnessed on cable television. Your man’s man, and always competitive, Tim Taylor. And the sensitive, knowledgeable, always clad in flannel, Al Borland. Heres a few clips to jog your memory, and to let us know what television sitcoms have become. And remember folks, from all of us here at Wise News, Fuck the Big Bang Theory, and cheers to Home Improvement, we miss you guys.


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