There are some things you just have to deal with in life, siblings, puberty, lunar eclipses, you know, the basics. But the real issue that males face these days is where to stand on he who is known as “Justin Bieber” . Now don’t get discouraged, theres a few different stances you can take here, this is a generational thing that we all have to deal with, he exists, and is currently murdering the game. There’s a few things to look for when trying to spot the difference between actors and clappers, now here are some peramaters to observe next time the male outlook is being confessed.

          Undoubtedly you will have come across these types of people, as rarely you will find someone who is completely indifferent to the JB era, Lukewarm is a rarity in this conversation. On one hand, you have the outgoing type, the chatter boxes, the man who’s not afraid to put a little product in that hair, and the man who wants you to see that fresh pink polo/buttondown. “You wear that polo, Boy” This guy is all about steez, he emits confidence, is very good for a snappy remark, but you love the enthusiasm, and get that fuzzy feeling inside when he’s doing his “JB on stage” act; these are the JJock-riders. 

                 JJockrider: “I am all about Justin Bieber and I love his music, I’ve seen the Christmas special, and I can admit that  he’s so good although he is not particularly targeting my demographic!” 

Female of similar age: “ Omg you are so funny and secure with your masculinity, I’m sure you’ll end up serenading me with his music while over exaggerating the boyband hands, it will be funny and I can’t wait!” 

                 Now on the other hand we’ve got what I like to call the “ Non-beliebers, or the “Kill-Bieber” stance. These are the males who need to let you know they would never be apart of some sissy business like this “Justin guy”. Explicit terms may be used in their description of feeling towards the teen sensation. None of which will be mentioned here, lets keep it G-Rated. The Non-Belieber will also assert dominance with his feelings towards the teen idol, assuring all that is left of his dignity even after the Large T-shirts covering the six-inch sag in the back of his sweatpants/Jncos, only to reveal another pair of metallic gym shorts,  the constant work-boots, and who even really knows if you WORK OUTSIDE, excuse me, I digress. 

Non-Belieber: “I hate JB he is *** and a **** and (humorous means of ending ones existence) “

Female of slightly younger age: “Your feelings are so primative and cute, you are so strong and assertive, your really showing me the natural manliness that’s been instilled in you from your father, and from his father, do me. “ 

                Altogether, whether you love the man, or hate him, JB is a catalyst for society and conversation. As far as us at Wise news go, we support the existence, and the right to choose. With the notion that this whole JB scene won’t get violent, continue the debate, and remember, he is in fact, killing the game. And with the new arrival of older sexy-cool Bieber, watch out America. Wise Up, and think for yourself.