Let me set a scene for you, it’s the 2016 Oscars, change is in the air, host Chris Rock hasn’t mentioned a sentence without a color tone since the curtains unfurled. All of a sudden, the vice president of the United States takes the stage to take aim at a serious and particular issue, sexual assault. He makes his case, provides an avenue to take a pledge to fight the issue, and introduces an artist about to perform her powerful song on the topic.

The artist is Lady Gaga, performing her song “Until It Happens To You” , being a victim of sexual assault herself, the song is sung from a deep and powerful place. During the performance, she is accompanied on stage by a multitude of real life sexual assault victims bravely showing themselves on national television. The performance is met with thunderous applause, tears in the audience, and the stage is cleared for the next award to be revealed and distributed.

The category is best original song, featuring a song from the recent James Bond film, Fifty Shades of Grey, and a few others, Including Gaga’s Ballad. The envelope is opened, and the award goes to James Bond, one of the more rapey characters to ever grace a silver screen, while still garnering national approval as tasteful.

The issue has been skirted, and Hollywood has overridden the powerful message for entertainment, supporting once again, that Hollywood’s shouting voice for equality is eclipsed by inconvenience.

This was the biggest snub of the night.