Duckface Was One Thing, But is OPP Really Where America is Heading?

          Ok as an American we have the right to choose, but this Open Palate Photography should hit the bricks, and quick. still not sure what were talking about here? It’s when someone decides that their most attractive face is a wide open fly catcher, uvula  on all cylinders. lets get right to exhibit A. 

OPP asian 1


           Are we seeing this yet? Good call Trisha T. And it’s not like were mad about it here at Wise™, it’s just, ok yes we are very upset about this. I just hope the next big trend isn’t shaving one eyebrow off to show independence or some bullshit. Yes society blah blah, cool do your thing, but shut that dam mouth. 

OPP featuring the peace sign

OPP featuring the peace sign

         Now were getting into combo shots here, this girl is OD’d on OPP at prom and she’s washing it down with a peace sign. we can only fathom where she is today and wish her our very best.

OPP at the sleepover

OPP at the sleepover

One sleepover member is clearly a hard OPP-user, she’s about 82% here and her friends are just letting it happen. Tisk, tisk.

OPP on the balcony

OPP on the balcony

Now to be fair this one is pretty cute, she’s only going about 37% OPP. Not a bad percent if your steadily trying to get off OPP. Curious though was she yelling mid sentence? What’s the natural pose this is simulating?

Goodluck people, and remember to stay clean. And from all of us here at Wise™, we are not down, with OPP. 


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