Feelin’ good by Nina Simone is a cult classic, but it was actually created for a musical called “The Roar of The Greasepaint – The Smell of The Crowd”. It wasn’t until 1965 that Nina Simone recorded it for her album “I Put a Spell on You”. It was from here that countless artists covered the tracks trumpet heavy sound.

       Without branching into the ranges of music there’s no way of seeing how broad an artist’s influence can be. This classic has echoed through some of the heaviest hitters in the game in all different genres. From Fifty cent’s early mixtapes to Muse’s rock&roll sound, to the cult trap group Bassnectar pumping bass, LED lights, and highhats into the song, the song has trouble being forgotten. Give it a listen and enjoy the musical spectrum.

Stay Wise, there’s a lot out there