A Mother Giraffe Carries Her Young
A Mother Giraffe Carries Her Young

“The sharks were just getting too repetitive” Says assistant director Elli Hakami of Discovery Channel North America “We wanted to spice things up, and show a new animal in a totally different light, and it hit me. The tall killer, the Giraffe.”

Don’t get all chewed up over Shark Week being cancelled, Discovery Channel has got you covered with Giraffe Week! These long necked fellows actually do interesting stuff, and they are bringing you an entire week of it. All your giraffe needs will be met with rare never before seen footage of Giraffes eating out of tall trees, trotting down safari roads, and sticking out their stupidly long tongues.. in slow motion.

“Ok I can watch a week of giraffes doing zaney giraffe things, sign me up I already called out of work!” right? WRONG. Put the kids to bed and make sure those doors are locked with the windows shut and the heat up really high in their rooms, because after 9pm eastern time, it’s fight night baby. That’s right these giants aren’t so gentle after all, and since they literally have four legs and no arms, they fight with their necks. They just swing that thing around, I’m serious. No I’m actually serious.. you don’t believe me do you? You’re kind of being an asshole now. Like why would I make this up, ok you can’t come to our birthday party then.

Check out this trailer for Giraffe Week featuring giraffes duking it out! Hold on to your horses people (or should I say giraffes) because this is getting wild. And why not set the fight video to some funky dubstep!


Be sure to tune in all this week for the most exciting marathon on television, Giraffe Week, and share with your friends!

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