#TBT Is A Sick Joke And Unfair To Dads Everywhere

For the baby boomers who have survived Vietnam, the 70’s, Whitesnake, and Diabetes, there is a new threat, and it’s name is Thursday.

Throw Back Thursday TBT

Since the birth of social media sites like the Instagram and twitter, many trends have come and gone, but none have encompassed the longevity that #TBT has enjoyed. But is it really worth the risk?? I mean come on people that’s like having a stub-toe Tuesday, and the teeny boppers who are trending it sure aren’t the ones who are going to be throwing their backs out. To me, it’s just ridiculous.

Better Watch Yourself Twitty

Better Watch Yourself Twitty

The amount of dads who are throwing their backs out used to peak on Saturdays and Sundays when trying to prove they haven’t gotten old to their in-laws. And of course, right on time, uncle mike goes up to catch the football and bang, next thing you know he’s bent over at 70 degrees and that hand is planted firmly on the lower back, pow, slipped disk. Well the times have changed, and something about Thursday is throwing them out like first pitches. An all time spike of 79% of back injuries are now happening on Thursdays. Call it wizardry and witchcraft, but this whole hashtag business might be code for ancient voodoo work, haven’t I seen that # written in an Egyptian cave?

#FertileCrescent #Voodoo

#FertileCrescent #Voodoo

We should really get a #FGF (feel good friday) or a #NIM (no injury monday) going instead of wishing the worst on those with a little more mileage on themselves. Shame on you, people who use social media to hurt others. This is essentially cyber bullying, except with voodoo, I can’t handle this, I’m out.

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