Earlier this week an American Flag was stolen off a home’s front porch in Huntington, Long Island, but it wasn’t just any flag. Owner of the home Melissa Brengel comes from a family of FDNY Firefighters, one of whom was her 29 Year old brother who was taken in the tragedy of September 11th. The FDNY awarded her and her family a flag that had once flown over ground zero, as a tribute to her fallen brother. That flag was stolen during the night in early July.

Melissa had gotten her story out to local news to explain the significance of the flag, in hopes it would be returned. The point was considered that realistically it was probably some drunk younger kids, who had no way of knowing the value of the flag. Within days of her story being broadcast on the Huntington Long island news, the flag was returned, folded properly, with a note that read

“I am so sorry, I had no idea”

This tear jerker restores a bit of faith in humanity, and I believe emphasizes the compassion and overall patriotism of each American. Moral of the story, don’t steal flags. Stay Wise People.