It was not long ago that young Megan had been looking to add some flare to her facebook profile, it had been a bit of time since her last like, poke, or photo tag. She decided a self portrait was what her page could use, she snapped photo after photo, peace sign, pouty lips, the list goes on, but none were the spark she was looking for. On her last photo, she had gone so for as preparing to upload, and writing a caption. Cynically, she types “Fugly”, demeaning herself in the process, and wallowing in pity with displeasure about her less than photogenic nature. She locks her phone without hitting post, It’s 11pm on a Tuesday, and little Megan heads to bed, nervously awaiting her first day of high school the next day.

During the night by some, almost cosmic chance, the photo had been posted to her profile. She awakes, “How, how could this have happened to me?”. But wait little Megan, there are comments, from other girls, saying “Megan babe you’re like so pretty” and “Honey you look gorge” and “pretyyy girllll” and “i’m jel of yer hair”. It’s a miracle, how did something so wrong turnout so right for Megan? The world may never know how or why that photo she hated so much was posted, but it seems to happen pretty often.




The case was reviewed by top notch researchers including MythBusters, CNN, MTVnews, and Ancient Aliens. 52% of researchers say the post was a “Miracle” or “Natural Phenomenon” as they say in the industry. 37% say they were “Unsure of the cause”. While 11% stated “Are you serious, she clearly posted this herself”. We may never know how Fugly Posting occurs, but we are sure of this; celebrity’s had their two cents to add.


Tim Allan was quoted saying “This is unimportant

Jennifer Lopez says she “understands where this girl is coming from[the block] and wants her to reach stardom through her charitable work on fb.” When it was revealed to Ms. Lopez that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about, she recalled her statements.

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