Living With FOBS (Face Of Baby Syndrome): How To Deal

      Is it possible to be a successful adult if you look like a huge baby? This is the question on everyone’s tongue in the year 2014, from gossip columnists, to capitol hill, we all want to know, and spoiler alert, the answer is no, of course you can’t. Now this must be clarified first, when we say you look like a huge baby, you could be mistaken for a toddler. What were talking about here is not the blessing of baby-face cuties, were talking about the face-of-babies type. What a brutal road to go down, Benjamin Button-esque, except you never get it in with tomb raider, or adopt a plethora of children.

Officer Listen To Me

Officer Listen To Me

       So what’s the key, to functioning in society with FOBS (Face of Baby Syndrome) ? Its simple, find someone else with congenital FOBS and procreate. Now granted there is a chance your children will emerge with the face of the little submarine that got you into this position, but he/she will find another submarine face, and so on, and so forth. Evolution will eventually play one of the challengers right out of the pyramid, whether it be the baby facers, the FOBS, or the normies, someone’s gotta go. Stay Wise people, and if you suffer from FOBS, please tell someone, its not too late. 


The Most Extreme Case of FOBS, taken from The Waterboy ©


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