A veteran to the EDM (electrical disco machine) scene, Grammy nominated DJ Avicii (pronounced: Ah-vu-shoe) has played many a memorable concert, that include music, flashing lights, and enthused fans. The EDM scene has often been affiliated with drug usage and having an awesome time, but that wasn’t the case in Boston Massachusetts last night where roughly 87 young adults were hospitalized at the Avicci performance. Sources say that the crowd seemed to be largely high schoolers, which would make sense, as high schoolers usually ruin the fun for everybody else. Paramedics and Boston PD are calling this concert “a disaster” whilst those that left the concert at it’s conclusion are calling it “a dank time”. Sources say there were children as young as 3-5 years old, as they were spotted with binkys in their mouths, not based on body type but solely pacifier, their ages were assessed. We can only imagine what sort of panic those children were feeling on the inside.

A Toddler Parties to Avicii's hit "Ladders"
A Toddler Parties to Avicii’s Hit “Ladders”

We knew the children were going to be rattled, and couldn’t have had a good time at the show with all this tragedy striking. Local reporters were able to catch up with some of the survivors of the show and get their thoughts.

When asked “How was the concert?” here are some of the elicited responses (Warning: Language may be disturbing to some)








“The beez deez nuts”

“What concert?”

The List goes on of these children describing the show in horrific ways, why are we still allowing these torture chambers to exist? That’s something we must ask all members of society

All parties taken to the hospital or given medical attention were completely fine and in many cases it actually seemed like attention was all they needed.

With news channel 8, I’m 43 and out of touch, back to you in the studio.


And this ladys and gents, is a prime example of how news can get misconstrued, and statistics can become ammunition. Stay Wise.