Silk road cool

Throughout history, the people have prevailed. Whether that success come through rebellion, a vote, or demonstration, the majority can expect success. That statement may be more applicable in democratic countries such as the US. A wonderful example of this would be prohibition in the United States, Alcohol was deemed illegal and we all know how that story goes. We are currently in the marijuana transition phase of the United States, and we must recognize that the inevitable is coming. (like we are in the Lebron era, just enjoy it) And the decision is coming easier thanks to e-commerce.

With the emergence of online drug malls like Silk Road, the idea of, what I will refer to as new wave drugs (being that they are not widely legal) is approaching an “if you can’t beat them, join them” point of view. Now that a good portion of the United States has bent the previous laws on marijuana, being medical use, or lessening of punishments, the project is in motion. But it is only a matter of time before this too is seen as a viable business option on a much larger scale. How far are we from seeing the first Marijuana related stock trading? We’re not, many of those exist. Whether or not that blew your mind, all the cool kids are dealing weed with a business license these days, and it’s getting bigger.

The development I’m currently watching is which grows more rapidly, electric cars, or marijuana business/legalization. My money is on electric cars, but make your own decision.