Steve Coburn- “These people nominate their horses for the Triple Crown and then they hold out two [races] and then come back and run one,” Coburn told ESPN. “That would be like me at 6-2 playing basketball with a kid in a wheelchair. They haven’t done anything with their horses in the Triple Crown. There were three horses in this race that ran in the first two — California Chrome, Ride on Curlin and General a Rod — none of the other horses did.  You figure out. You ask yourself, ‘Would it be fair if I played basketball with a child in a wheel chair?”

-via ESPN

       Can we talk about how outrageous the comments by Steve Coburn were after California Chrome lost the Belmont Saturday? Out of any analogy imaginable he went with ‘kid in a wheelchair’. There’s a few subjects you don’t make fun of on national TV; race, cancer, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and kids in wheelchairs. On top of it all, the statement doesn’t even make sense in the scenario. California Chrome wasn’t playing in a handicapped league when the Monstars showed up. He was tired. Coburn must’ve had this line in his back pocket for years just dying to use it. When ESPN gave him the spotlight he knew it was time to pull out the big guns. Besides, he didn’t miss out on that much more money with the loss anyway. The one horse movie per 25 years was already taken by Sea Biscuit. Take you’re crazy winnings and calm down. Steve Coburn, the only person who has managed to ruin a reputation based solely on a horse.

PS: I’m picturing that one mooch friend who’s just happy to be friends with a rich dude and has this guys back. ‘Nah man you crushed the interview, that kid in the wheelchair shit was gold. They’re def gonna change the rule soon.’

PPS: If you’re ‘that friend’ you 100% say the word def.

So This Is What I'm Picturing
So This Is What I’m Picturing