Viewer Mail: This is such an unreal opportunity: So a guy claims to have been having a rough night, walking through a rougher neighborhood on his way home, and meets trouble. Trouble decides to take his phone and wallet, as any good street thug would. Trouble then forgets all wrong-doing and syncs his contacts to the phone, while the phone automatically backs up contacts.

This thug seems pretty responsible, no one wants to lose contacts right? The guy who initially owned the phone, got a new phone, and restored contacts to said new phone. What he received was an incredible look into the life of a man who performs strong-arm robberies. (NOTE: all numbers have been removed for identity purposes and safety. The provided blank canvas photo for each contact is too good to pass up, and some assumptions have been drawn in to match the contact.) Enjoy.


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Disclaimer: Criminals come in all shapes and sizes, and humor can be found in all walks of life. Wise News© firmly believes this, and hope you can see the unique reality of all cultures, people, and situations, this particular guy happens to be very direct with his phone contacts. Charges were never pressed, it would seem to personal at this point. Stay Wise© people. 

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