Rack City
Rack City.

      I hate to harp on the obvious, but Katy Perry and the twins are about all everyone wants to discuss this post-2013 Grammys. But how could you not? It’s the giant breasted elephant in the room. Somewhere in England Russel Brand is heavily intravenous writing the next 31 songs to Infant Sorrows future double release album, all titled along the lines of  “I will never get over you” (Cue the photo of Brand reaching for Katy’s cannons with a face of pure ineptitude) .
       Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get back to the show. Good to see J-Lo showing thigh with her go-to attitude of “I refuse to get old and irrelevant”. The molatto princess herself, Rihanna looking, well, for once really not showing much skin at all. People are now discussing how she has turned over a new leaf, becoming classy, elegant. I would like to agree, but based on her naked, oiled up body twitter avatar to over 28 million followers, I haven’t boarded that train just yet. I recommend the follow.
        A couple key performances, Justin Timberlake hopped up there, and reminded us all why he has the world at his fingertips, props JT. Frank Ocean came with a little performance as well, had everyone melting, outside of Chris Brown, who instead was finding the nearest intern he could get to key the tour bus that carted Frankie O to the venue. Adele was fat, Kelly Clarkson was fat. A big congratulations to Amber Rose who is pregnant in her 27th trimester. Speaking of questionably swollen body parts, Taylor Swifts newly enhanced boobs were on display, great work Taylor. Could this be just the kick in the tush Taylor Swift needs to maintain a steady boyfriend? We’ll find out on her next single, probably titled “Ouch, they are still tender”. What more could you really ask for out of the Grammys? Probably alot, maybe a Beyonce performance, but hey lets not be selfish now.

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