The Campus –  I like the feel, this town was definitely thriving because of the college, but they pulled it off. Main street had a good array of shops, hell this could have been a beach town if it were on the water. But no, Keene New Hampshire is nestled in the mountains, and damnit you’re going to need new pants when you see this foliage. Shoutout New England

The People – I definitely met a lot of very nice people, with some very laid back attitudes: take note, this is key in life. Now the female population, I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t some cuties patrolling the area, K-state grabs the greenlight with the females department, OBJECTION! This statement can not actually be confirmed nor denied due to the heavy influx of visitors this weekend, K-state gets the look, FOR NOW, sustained. I can only say I noticed the girls once the heavy glare of flannel wore off. Don’t get upset, but Keene will be qualified as a loose-flannel campus. Now this is not a bad thing, it’s a great looking shirt, and very typical of New England Campuses. Hey, we like to look like the leaves in the fall, ya dig? 

The Parties – I like to think a schools party scene is only as good is it’s best weekend, and Keene made a few big moves. Upon waking up on a hard tile floor at around 2pm, I was immediately alerted that there was in fact, the infamous college day party going on, and photo evidence was provided. I will say I was actually surprised and impressed by the magnitude of this little shindig, I mean they had a band and everything, props to K-state here. After a good late afternoon nap it was back at it, and I’ll be real, as much as I want to knock on this school, there were parties, and there were people there. At no point was I really left disappointed, sure there could have been a few more guys in togas, but there was a guy in a cow suit, and a straw hat, not to mention I’m pretty sure I saw the monopoly guy walking around. 

The Feel – Damnit I’ve just got to give it up to Keene State, they may not have had the wildest parties, but a freaking drum circle busted out at one party. Yea a FLIPPING DRUM CIRCLE, like can you buy this shit? No, you can not, unless you were to hire a small ethnic band and bring them to this party, upon forcing them to let you participate. Yep, a drum circle, a little inside the scenes footage was taken, now peep this shit. All due respect to Keene State, you’ve got something going down there, and idk what to call it, but keep doing you Keene, Stay Wise, Callaway out. 

– Sharpe Callaway, trashing your school next