Ok we’ve all seen the debates on television, President Obama this, Senator Romney that, yes, we get it, everyone is a very bad person. Is that the message we are supposed to take from these debates? It can’t possibly be, I refuse to believe it. We as a people want to think that both of these men have the best interest of our country in mind, and that prosperity is above all the number one aspiration. But sadly, these debates have become overwhelmingly concerned with body language and tone, rather than content. Both candidates get very flustered in the pissing-contest that is these debates, and it only seems right to believe he who sounds more convincing. And not by how much of the Romney cheese-grin you get or the Obama smirk-nod. But there is something about this train of thought that disgusts all of us here at Wise News™. Are we as Americans no more than puppies to be swayed by tone? I miss the days of reality, not reality television, but when people said what they really thought because that is what our nation is built on. The sensitization of America becomes more eminent with every passing election, from state level to the steps of Washington. Now from what we have seen so far, I LIKE the aggressiveness of Joe Biden in the VP debate, I like that he was standing up for what he thought, even if it was construed as rude. And I LIKE when Mitt Romney wouldn’t let his opponent get away with things and interrupted the mediator. Thats the passion we want to see, not this condescending bullshit like laughing and shaking your head.  These are a few videos regarding, not the facts of the election, but the manner in which they are being handled. Shouldn’t there be a little common ground? We’ve included a clip of a 1980 presidential debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, looks pretty familiar doesn’t it? Be sure to peep Reagan’s four word retort at the end, he might as well have just said SEE YA BITCH.    

Just to remind you, this has been going on for years. 

 A perspective on both our candidates this year, compare and contrast, my fuzzy lockbox.

I love the enthusiasm, but this was definitely to the point of disrespectful. Although, the “malarky” comment was hilarious 

Wise up people, we’ve got potential for something great here, now let’s make it happen. 

– The Wise News™ team