Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages, Wise News™ is hitting the field, and were bringing YOU the scoop on some of the nation’s biggest campuses and events.

  •        In the next few weeks leading up to halloween, we’ll be sending reporter Sharpe Callaway on the road to cover:

UMass Amherst They call it “The Zoo”: Living Like Animals.

Keene State “Pumpkin Fest” – Gimmick or phenomena?

Penn State Halloween Weekend (also covered, Penn State v. Ohio State football game at Beaver stadium) – Has this dynasty recovered yet from the media thrashing it’s been taking? And how will this past troubled football squad handle the high powered Ohio State without Joey Paterno? Findout in     “Looking for Angels”

Stay wise, stay tuned, and let’s see what we can’t dig up.

– The Wise Team